Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Cold Beef Salad a la Parisienne

from Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home

You will need a well-trimmed whole piece of braised or boiled beef that you cut into neat thin slices less than 3/16 inches thick, 3 slices per serving. Note that the meat is well done; otherwise it will not absorb the dressing and pick up its flavor. Choose. Use about 1 1/2 tablespoon of vinaigrette (see recipe) per serving, with minced shallots, chopped capers, and a bit of Dijon prepared mustard beaten in. Sppon a tablespoon or so into the bottom of a baking pan, arrange the slices of meat in it, and baste with more of the sauce. Cover and let marinate at room temperature for an hour.

Meanwhile prepare the following:

halved or stuffed hard-boiled eggs
halved and seasoned cherry tomatoes
french potato salad (see recipe)
cold green beans (see recipe)
small handfuls of washed salad greens
a small bowl of minced parsley and chives

When almost time to serve, chop salad greens, toss them with a little more vinaigrette, and arrange a tin layer over the bottom of a serving plattter. Lay the sliced and marinated beef neatly down the center and surround tastefully with vegetables, sprinkle herbs over all, and present the salad.

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