Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Joyce's Irish Coffee

from Joyce Calanchini (Joyce says this is her "ancient" recipe.)

Irish Coffee first introduced to the United States by Stanton Delaplane.

A chef by the name of Joe Sheridan originated Irish Coffee at the famous Shannon Airport.

'Twas in the old days the flying boats were landing at Foynes--in 1938, to be exact, the passengers would come in by launch, shivering and shaking fit to die with the cold.
"Surely," said Joe Sheridan, "we must invent a sirrup cup for the poor souls, and them not able to put their shivering hands in their pockets for a shilling to pay unless we warm them.
"What is more warming," said Joe, "than Irish Whiskey, smooth as a maiden's kiss. To take the chill from their poor shaking hands we will fill the glass with coffee, black as Cromwell's heart. We will top it off with a floating inch of Irish cream."
Thus, was Irish Coffee born at the Shannon Airport. Remember this about good, properly made Irish Coffee--one of them takes the chill off! Two of them set you to singing "Down Went McGinty ..."
The secret of good Irish Coffee is making the cream float and using the right Irish Whiskey--below tells you the story as it should be told!--

(pronounced Slawn-Tha)
*Slainte is Gaelic for "Good Health."

1. Pre-heat glass with very hot water. Fill and let stand a few seconds, then empty.

2. Fill glass three-fourths full of hot, black coffee before glass has cooled.

3. Drop three cocktails cubes of sugar into coffee. Stir until dissolved completely.

4. Add full jigger of Tullamore Dew. This whiskey has correct taste and body.

5. By pouring over a spoon, top with a head of lightly whipped (aerated) cream.

6. ... Your Irish Coffee is ready to enjoy--serve to your guests while piping hot.

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